The Art of Rotation

Schenck stands for over 125 years of quality and innovation in balancing and diagnosis technology. Over this time, we have contributed a great deal to their technical development, and are today the world market leader.

For a reliable energy supply

Turbines and generators that are perfectly balanced are essential in providing a reliable source of electricity for our power plants. This is achievable by using our balancing technology.
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Efficient solutions for mass production

Many rotating products used in daily life only achieve their required quality through balancing. Whether using your washing machine or getting into your car, you will always come into contact with products that provide their peak performance thanks to our balancing solutions.
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Precision in the small and large

Some rotors are small enough that they cannot be picked up by using two fingers. Some rotors are too large to fit on a balancing machine. These different size rotors still need to be balanced in order to function perfectly.
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Virio 15 - Quick integration of compact precision

The Virio 15 by Schenck RoTec sets the standard for balancing rotors up to 15 kg Vertical balancing machines are the ideal solution for balancing disc and bowl-shaped rotors such as flywheels,...Read more

The new benchmark for all e-Drive manufacturers

Schenck RoTec creates fully-automatic system for accurate and efficient balancing of eDrives At the International Manufacturing Technology Show in Chicago (September 10 – 15, 2018), the eTENO, a...Read more

Smart all-rounder for shafts and rollers

The Pasio 50 SC by Schenck RoTec proves itself as a balancing solution for rotors up to 50 kg The Pasio 50 SC by Schenck RoTec is currently establishing itself as the new benchmark in the field of...Read more

The Art of Rotation




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