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Check-up for a smart all-rounder


The SmartBalancer is a handy operating balancing machine, with which rotors of every weight class and size, with rotation speeds of 100 to 60,000rpm can be analysed and if necessary balanced when installed. In order to ensure that its measurement results are reliable and verifiable, it is advised that the measurement chain of the SmartBalancer is checked regularly and traceably in the Schenck RoTec’s testing laboratory for balancing technology (LBT).

As of now, Schenck RoTec offers all users of the SmartBalancer the possibility of testing their device in the testing laboratory for balancing technology (LBT) in Darmstadt using a modern calibration system. The traceability and standard conformity of the measurement results are ensured through the level A check in the testing laboratory. Following analysis by the LBT management, this is documented based on the standard result report in accordance with DIN EN ISO/ IEC 17025. The quality assurance of the LBT ranges from 5 Hz to 1,000 Hz and covers the frequency range of DIN ISO 10816. In addition, the testing spectrum can be extended to the frequency range of slow and fast operating machines (2Hz to 5kHz).

For users of the vibration analysis device, the SmartBalancer check-up in Schenck RoTec’s LBT ensures the quality of the products and the competitiveness of their company. You can avoid measurement errors, which would ultimately lead to a reduction of the service life of your machine. In addition, important standards require the regular monitoring of measurement devices used. According to the demands of DIN EN ISO 9001, measurement devices must be “calibrated and/or verified at certain intervals (...), according to standards which are based on the international and national standards (...)”. Technical traceability facilitates international comparison and makes a significant contribution to the creation of trust and valid measurement results. Through testing in the LBT, the SmartBalancer becomes a reliable partner of MRO technicians during machine and facility maintenance.

The SmartBalancer by Schenck RoTec is an all-round measuring device with many functions. Several rotor types of every weight class and dimension with rotation speeds of 100 to 60,000rpm can be balance at one or two levels without dismantling the device. Being a narrow system, it is functionally and technically tailored to the practical requirements of operational balancing.



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